CUSTOMER is joining the Aquilon Network. 

The Aquilon Network is an innovative digital platform that provides energy settlement teams with a faster and more accurate workflow by automating invoice reconciliation and connecting counterparties. The Aquilon Network standardizes data and improves workflows across energy settlement teams.

As a valued settlement counterparty, CUSTOMER has arranged for complimentary access to information on our portal and personalized training and support for your users.


  • You will receive real-time notification when the settlement information is ready for online review.
  • You will have access to the settlement information earlier in the settlement period, providing more time to reconcile and approve transactions.
  • All the settlement information, invoices and communications will be organized and available in one place.
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How does automated invoice reconciliation work?


Data input.

CUSTOMER will begin loading invoices and related settlement data into our portal. You can upload corresponding spreadsheets or pdfs directly with our drag-and-drop feature. 


Digital matching.

We compare the digital version of your data versus your counterparty's with perfect accuracy, down to the penny. On average, 60% of invoices require no additional settlement activity from your team. 


Differences settled.

Variances are highlighted by deal, location and day. Using our communication tools, parties collaborate to resolve discrepancies with easy access to all important data directly in the Aquilon Network.

Next Steps

  1. Watch for the “Welcome to The Aquilon Network!” email invitation.
  2. Upon receipt, set up your username and password.
  3. Review our Getting Started Guide and call Aquilon at 888-943-0340 if you would like any assistance! We also have live chat when you click the blue chat button on the bottom right side of this screen.

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