How do I upgrade my membership?

Account Options

As a classic member, you are able to settle with only our matching, premium and enterprise members. If you are interested in settling with all of your counterparties, you can upgrade to the right plan for your company. You get a free 60-day trial with any of our memberships. You can cancel your membership at anytime with 30 days notice.

All accounts include:

  • Automated invoice uploads
  • Automatic variance finder
  • Counterparty messaging
  • Audit trail
  • Unlimited users
  • Invoice access
  • Confirm invoice amounts
  • Custom user permissions


$500 / month
  • Settle with all counterparties
  • 1-50 invoices per month


$1000 / month
  • Settle with all counterparties
  • 50-99 invoices per month


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  • Settle with all counterparties
  • 100+ invoices per month

The Benefits to Upgrading

Upgrading means you can use our technology with all our your counterparties. This includes access to our improved Invoice Data Capture (“IDC”) technology. The upgrade quickly pulls settlement data straight from your internal documents (PDF, Excel, etc.) and matches it against your counterparty’s invoice data. This process will immediately display if the data matches, and if not, direct you to exactly where there are differences.  It’s as simple as dragging and dropping your invoice onto the platform, and Aquilon will do the rest.

Getting Started 

We offer a free 60 day trial period for your entire team. During this time, you can settle all invoices with up to 25 counterparties. There is no new software or hardware. You can get started quickly, with no technology implementation required.

Inviting your counterparties

We'll work with your team to invite all of your counterparties via custom emails and a web landing page. We provide training and support for your counterparties. We know our platform works best for you when it's easy for your counterparties to use the platform. They get complementary classic access if they are not already a member.

Ongoing Training and Support

We offer an online learning center, live chat and a call center. During the entire onboarding process and once you are a customer, we provide a dedicated account representative.

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