Getting Started Guide

The Aquilon Network is a cloud-based platform that provides tools to improve the work life of settlement teams.

When a company joins the Aquilon Network, all counterparties they settle with are given complimentary access to information on the Aquilon Network. This guide is intended to provide an overview of the capabilities of the system. At any time, you can schedule a demo with our team for a full walk through.

  1. Find your invitation email from and click on the link in the email to get set-up (Didn't receive an invitation? Request one at
  2. Read over and accept the ‘Terms and Conditions’
  3. Create a Username and Password
  4. Click ‘Activate Account’

When you first log in to the Aquilon Network, you will see a dashboard that shows a quick snapshot overview of the status of all of your settlements.

Key Definition: You'll see us often mention a "tie out." A tie out is essentially an invoice sandwich. Because our platform deals with bilateral trades, there is data from both your company and your counterparty. A tieout is the date from both parties for the same timeperiod.


Ready to Open: This is where all tie outs begin after they have been loaded via invoice data capture or CSV. At this point, these are settlements that have preliminary amounts and have not been released to the counterparties.

Awaiting Counterparty: Once an invoice has been attached, or has been manually moved forward, the tie out will move from Ready to Open to Awaiting Counterparty. During the transition, Classic counterparties will receive an email notification of the availability of the tie out.

Invoice Needed:

Counterparty Disagrees: If the counterparty loads in data and creates a variance, the tie out will transition from Awaiting Counterparty to Counterparty Disagrees.

Ready for Payment: If the counterparty loads in data that matches, the tie out will transition from either Awaiting Counterparty or Counterparty Disagrees to Ready for Payment.

Settled: Once the settlements manager receives approval from accounting, tie outs are moved by the user from Ready for Payment to Settled.

On the homepage there are buttons on the left and right side of the screen for Filtering, Help, Conversations, and Live Chat.



You are able to filter by several different criteria to find the tieout or counterparty you are trying to find.


Help Menu

The second left side button is for Help. This provides access to our service team, privacy policy, and more.


Live Chat

If you need to talk to our support team in realtime, click the livechat button and a chat window will pop up. We have live chat from 8am - 5pm CST.

1. If you want to see a history of the conversations about a tieout, first select the Tie Out Invoice number



2. Then select the conversation icon in the top right corner of the screen.



3.  You'll then be able to see all information attached to a specific tie out.


Tie outs are broken down to 3 sections; Summary, Invoice Items, and Reconciliation. 

Filer to find Variance


Please follow up with the Aquilon Service Center to schedule a training session or if there are any questions at 888-943-0340 or at

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