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Automated invoice reconciliation.

  • Easily upload pdf invoices, purchase statements, or spreadsheets
  • Identify variances in minutes regardless of the invoice size or complexity

Visual Settlement Workflow

  • Real-time visibility into invoice approval status throughout the month
  • Provide daily cash flow forecast to treasury
  • Invoice needing attention are highlighted

Simplified Audit and Compliance

  • Audit trail of all activity automatically created
  • Downloadable settlement statement provides ‘Agreed to’ amount with date stamp and the full settlement conversation

Dispute Management

Dispute Management

  • Capture details about disputed invoices due to short pay or disagreement
  • Keep track of open disputes when settling to accelerate resolution
  • Maintain visibility to open disputes
    month over month

Invoice Cyber Security

  • All transactions, documents, communications, and invoices are delivered and stored on an encrypted platform
  • Access is restricted to authorized users
  • Advanced fraud detection

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