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Here’s what you can do with the new ESN experience

Powerful features to handle tough settlement tasks

No more spending hours to find variances. Automated reconciliation reveals variances in in the most challenging and complex invoices.

  • Capture your data directly from your PDF invoice or purchase statement.
  • Variance details are identified down to the deal, location, and day.

No need to access multiple screens to settle invoices. Invoices can be tracked and actioned right from the new ESN home page.

  • Real-time visibility into invoice approval status throughout the month.
  • Download and upload invoices.
  • Agree or disagree to an invoice amount.

No more searching scattered emails to support an audit. The new conversation feature automatically captures actions, notes, and documents in one place.

  • Organizes actions, email, screen images, comments, and supporting documentation into one conversation.
  • Downloadable Settlement Statement provides ‘Agreed To’ amount with date stamp and the full settlement history.

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Additional features to help you quickly handle routine tasks.

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