The technology that powers the network and so much more.

CARLI, our flexible digital toolset, automates more than invoice reconciliation. Using this proprietary technology, we quickly deploy solutions that replace almost any manual reconciliation process.


How CARLI works

Capture: We take data in almost any format and instantly convert it into a standardized and tabular format.
Automate: Manual processes are replaced with automated solutions.
Reconcile: Our advanced AI technology matches your input data to external sources, providing fast, accurate reconciliation.
Learn: CARLI gets smarter and faster with every match.
Inform: The reconciled data allows the business to make more informed business decisions through better quality data. Reconciled data can also be entered back into the source data.

Automation is easier than you think.


Getting started is cost-effective and quick. This toolset is built to adapt quickly to your workflow and data. Getting set-up doesn't require any integrations.


Match source data and identify variances in real time. This improves efficiency and reduces errors.


Digitize reports and synthesize into a single spreadsheet, promoting data standardization and supporting common analytics.

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