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One very beneficial feature to the Aquilon Network is the ability to exchange invoices securely with your counterparties on the network. While this is a great benefit, it’s important to understand that this is only one feature of the Aquilon Network versus the sole focus of an invoicing portal.

What is an invoicing portal?
Simply put, an invoicing portal is a secure way to create and share invoices. While invoicing portal can be very beneficial to your processes, they are very singular in focus and provide a very different service than our automated invoice reconciliation.

What are the additional feature on the Aquilon Network?
The Aquilon Network provides a much more comprehensive suite of features.  When you provide invoices to the Aquilon Network, we create a digital version of your invoice and then are able to compare it against your counterparties invoice data – this is automated invoice reconciliation.  The Aquilon Network will highlight any variances and can be exported to a preferred format (e.g. Excel.) Our platform also provides all of the tools you need to communicate with your counterparty (or internally) to fix your discrepancies.


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